Couples Coaching

Are you feeling?

  • discouraged by your struggle to communicate clearly,
  • gridlocked around misunderstanding each other,
  • unsure about how to change the pattern you’re in,

AND you want to learn how to…

  • speak the same language,
  • make decisions and follow through on solutions that benefit you both,
  • work together (not against each other) to address your concerns AND move toward shared goals,

...then couples coaching can be your next best step.

Couples coaching is useful for addressing issues within the relationship - like communication, trust, parenting, stress or addictive behaviors.

Many couples love this approach over therapy because they don’t have to go through long descriptions of past relationships or family traumas, and instead, work on what is in the here and now. Old patterns and unhealthy ways of coping are still identified, but the major work is finding ways to overcome barriers and obstacles to closeness and intimacy.

As your coach I work in a framework that allows both of you to identify what you want in your lives, and what needs to change in order to grow and succeed. Your training is in motivation and behavior change.

The following goals and major ‘stuck’ points for most couples are:

Align Expectations

For many of us, we will have expectations about relationships that we might not even know about ourselves - they might be things we’ve decided based on seeing our parent’s relationship, or from previous partners we’ve had. For example, the expectation that a partner will do a certain share of housework, or be available at certain times, or contribute to the relationship in a certain way.

Most happy relationships have an alignment of values, needs and desire. When couples are in a bad place in their relationship, they find it hard to talk about these things and negotiate what their needs are. Coaching helps make this clear and gives them a framework to have that conversation calmly.

Improve Overall Functioning

Often relationships suffer when we are under stress in the other areas of our lives - such as financial, parenting, work or health. One of the big strengths of a coaching approach is that it is based on strengths and helps identify solutions to things that are holding them back. Relationship coaching helps people to make individual changes in their lives that will ultimately help them to be better partners and better functioning people all round.

Whether you are wanting to lay a solid foundation for healthy communication, vulnerability, authenticity, and connection, or have hit a large roadblock, couples coaching can positively influence navigating the complexities that exist in each of these scenarios.

Most people find it a relief to know that issues in their relationship are, in fact, universal, and there are solutions to most of them.

For many people who have put off getting help for their relationship because they don’t want to go into the past or time in therapy - coaching is a great alternative, since it offers a similar outcome but in less time, and with a lot more immediate value.

Through couples coaching, you will learn to:

  • communicate in a way that leads to deep understanding and shared meaning
  • problem solve any solvable obstacle standing in your way
  • accept yourself and your spouse’s personality differences
  • appreciate the strengths your partner brings to the relationship
  • shift your thinking to support your relationship
  • work together toward your God-given dreams and desires

What do you have to lose? Besides bad habits and poor communication, of course. Start improving your relationship today with  Coach Terry.







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