Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching is a powerful tool to spur your relationships. It allows anyone who wants to grow and develop themselves by stepping back and putting things into perspective. This helps you to become aware of your patterns of behavior and how those patterns impact your relationships with themselves and with others. It is a time to pause in a space of trust, protected from external distractions. Each session develops new skills and attitudes, challenging your world view.

Individual relationship coaching is a service that focuses on improving day to day life. It is different from therapy in that it assumes we are all capable of growth and success and, rather than focusing on what has happened in the past and how it has impacted us, shifts focus towards your future and your values.

Working with me will help you:

  • prioritize your self-care so you can make decisions from a centered place, rather than as a passive, peripheral participant
  • be more of who you know yourself to be in the places and spaces you occupy you’re your relationships, professional work, communities, etc.
  • take up more space and use your authentic voice.
  • get unstuck and gain clarity, stop settling, and give your-self permission to operate in your full power.

If you’re ready to say YES to being free, whole,  healed, empowered, and liberated, let’s explore how we can work together:

Try a Power Hour

Need to talk it out with me, gain quick but clear insight, or tackle a singular challenge? Book one hour with me on the appointment request link..

After our Power Hour, you’ll receive a follow up email from me as a summary of our call and some next steps.

A typical coaching relationship up to 3 hours of individual time per month with additional interactions as needed.  Relationships can always be customized to fit the client's needs including: additional time, and coaching with other family members or friends, etc.





Terry Lynn Humphrey


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